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How to Kill Nuclear Power With Good Intentions --- A Primer

05 Jun 2022

We are all familiar with the arguments and tactics of the avowed opponents to nuclear power. However, various proponents espouse ideas, or tolerate inequities, which could prove equally detrimental to its future. Here are a few of the more toxic attitudes (classic list of ten):

We should rename nuclear energy

16 Apr 2022

Nuclear energy needs a new name to differentiate it from nuclear weapons. Besides, most energy sources are named after their fuel rather than their entire field of physics. As the field of nuclear physics has developed, it’s now time to graduate into being more specific.

Sodium and Salt are different in nuclear

23 Nov 2020

While most of us think salt when we hear about sodium, the two words mean significantly different things in the context of advanced nuclear technology. This post explains the difference between salt and sodium.

Nuclear fuel will last us for 4 billion years

28 Oct 2020

Some people claim nuclear fuel is inexhaustible and circular, others say we’ll run out soon. We do the math. Turns out, it’s roughly as inexhaustible as sunlight.

Greenpeace, CNN, The Hill miss context on radiocarbon release

25 Oct 2020

CNN’s headline based on Greenpeace’s claim that releases of radiocarbon (C-14) could “Alter Human DNA” are at odds with impacts seen from natural C-14 production and historical releases

Floating nuclear power plants

26 Jan 2020

In the 1970s, Westinghouse and Newport News formed a joint venture called Offshore Power Systems to mass produce floating nuclear power plants. Vast environmental and design studies were done, the facility was constructed, and 8 full-scale gigawatt-class PWRs were authorized for production.

Notes on *Atoms for Peace and War*

07 Dec 2019

Notes from reading the official Atomic Energy Commission’s history from 1953 to 1961.

Notes on Alvin Weinberg's autobiography, *The First Nuclear Era*

29 Jul 2019

Commentary on Weinberg’s incredible life and advice about building the next nuclear era

100% renewables can be inadvertently anti-nuclear

19 Feb 2018

Commentary on why 100% renewables actually supports anti-nuclear concepts and therefore goes against our climate goals

A primer on energy, greenhouse gas, intermittency, and nuclear

17 Dec 2017

An in-depth view of current world energy needs and the clean energy sources we have to meet them.

Tuna are safe to eat after Fukushima

25 Apr 2015

Are tuna safe to eat after the Fukushima accident? Yes!

Radiation on flights

17 May 2014

How much radiation do we encounter while flying on commercial flights?

Defending Pandora's Promise

18 May 2013

A pro-nuclear documentary called Pandora’s Promise is out, and the backlash has predictably started. This page attempts to go through the criticism from a pro-nuclear standpoint, correcting inaccuracies while conceding the good points.

Nuclear Sermon

09 Jun 2010

A sermon about nuclear energy

Letter to President-Elect Obama from Cheng Xu

20 Dec 2008

Letter to Obama from Cheng Xu

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